Thursday, March 20, 2008

Zen And The Art of Steampunk Episode 3

Zen And The Art of Steampunk Episode 3

Epsiode 3 is here more than a week ahead of schedule, we are on a roll.

Topics Covered:

* Edison's Conquest of Mars (1898)
* Doctor Ignatius Rumbault Bellows
* The Dynamite Gun (Presented by Hotspur O'Toole)
* Caledonian Collective Nouns (Presented by Rudolfo Woodget)
* Caledon Steam Sky City Egg Hunt

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Zoe Connolly said...

Well done Zen!

Talia Tokugawa said...

Another good show :) I had a good laugh at the collective names for groups :)
Once again, Happy RezDay :P

Neb said...

Huzzah! I'm putting this in the Mp3 pile for Mr. Peterman's giant road trip next week. He's not as big into Steampunk as I, but he'll get a kick out of Hotspur's dynamite gun piece. Anything about guns seems to entertain him, but make it guns AND history and we have a winner.

Good job, again!